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Maple Grove Barn.
Maple Grove Barn.
Maple Grove Barn.
Maple Grove Barn.

Bay Road Barn frame (26’ x 40’) is an extremely beefy barn for its size and main timbers range from 11"x 12" to 12"x 13".

It has 15’-5” high side walls which makes the second floor side walls approx. 7' high so you would be able to walk under that one lone tie beam that laps into the top of the rafter plate. This makes the 2nd floor much more usable if you ever decided to make use of that space.


It is 3-bay with middle door opening 8' clear span and then 2 equal bays of 16' including 2 posts.  

First floor is 7’ high under tie beams as it stands now so 8' from floor to floor.

We drew in 12" plinth blocks which would gain another foot and would give you great head room in first floor (9' fl. to fl.).

You could do just one loft or two lofts in each end with cat walk between them or just one loft in end with half loft in middle bay or many other options. 

The floor joist that you would not use could be taken out also.


 It is in overall excellent condition with the exception of several posts bottoms in the front need work and one of the end tie beams needs replaced which we would do with like material.

The one rafter plate also needs some moderate work too but overall it appears to be in great condition. 

We usually have to repair posts bottoms and rafter plates somewhere.


Bay Rd. Barn--26'x40'

11"x 12 to 12"x 13" timbers

Pole rafters at 3' centers

3 bays--16', 8', 16'

High side walls: 15'-5" bottom of post to top of rafter plate

Hand hewn white pine

40' long 12"x 12" rafter plate

Floor joist for all three bays if desired.

Write for more details and pricing:

Maple Grove Barn.
Maple Grove Barn.
Maple Grove Barn.
Maple Grove Barn.
Maple Grove Barn.