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Blackstock 3 Barn.

Norwich Barn.

Blackstock 3 Barn

24'x 51'

11"x11" +/- posts and tie beams

10"x12" rafter plates

Double tie beams in each bent

3"x 5" sawn rafters @ 33" centers

All hand hewn pine


A great smaller barn frame for a cabin or addition to a house, studio or perhaps a "Walden Cabin back in the Woods". Extremely beefy timbers for a barn this size (full 11"x 11" hand hewn pine), and add that to the double tie beams in each bent and you have a really spectacular and probably unbeatable smaller timber frame cabin. Several of the tie beams have been taken out but we would replace them with like material.  (See sketches of frame.) We could also add a swing beam if you really wanted to add some more character to an already stunning frame. They just don't come like this often. This is perhaps the third one in my 43 years of doing this work.

We would suggest that you add 12" plinth blocks to the frame so that you would have 12' side walls.  You could then put in 2nd story loft with a 4’ knee wall upstairs and still have an 8' lower level for plenty of room to more. The added 12" in height would allow you to walk under the lower tie beams so you would have plenty of head room to have complete movement around the cabin. The double tie beams would be plenty beefy to handle the load of the loft floor joist. 

We could also cut this barn frame down in size to a 24'x34' or 24'x 34'6" if a smaller 2-bay size would work better.  Many options for this great little vintage timber frame.

If you want a really good one for a small cabin or addition this might be the one.

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Norwich Barn.
Norwich Barn.
Norwich Barn.
Norwich Barn.
Norwich Barn.
Norwich Barn.

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