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      Canted Purlin Barn

Canted Purlin barn 35’ X 50’

We have a new barn available. The Canted Purlin barn. It is very beefy  35’ x 50’, 3 bay, 4 bent, barn with 12”x 12” main posts and 10”x 12” tie beams and rafter plates.  Is also has approx. 16’ high side walls  which is plenty for 2nd floor development.  With a reasonably steep 7.5/12 pitch roof, hefty  canted purlin system, and pole  rafters, it will make for a very expansive and stunning open cathedral  ceiling great room.  All the main timbers are hand hewn white pine which happens to be my favorite of all species. 12” X 12” main timbers are  also very impressive in a timber frame like this and help engineers  relax some when they see this size. 

It is a 3 bay barn with the with the middle drive in bay being 14’ between the two main posts and the other two outer bays (originally for hay  storage) are both 18’ including the two posts.  Either end bay are a  great size for second floor lofts or bedrooms. The main 10” X 12” tie  beams are 12’ high and make a great balcony railing for a first floor  height of 9’  If you would like to do a catwalk from loft to loft you  can do an elevated one that goes over the tie beams and gives a great  view of the barn great room and open stairs below.  Lots of options here for some stunning open barn room plans.  We also have   spare swing beam if you wanted to add one to this barn.  I added one to my own barn home I like them so much. 

We will have more photos and drawings coming soon so write if you are  interested in this one and we can send you the new information before it gets on our web site. This is what I would consider another  superior  barn frame for home or other re-purposed use.  They are getting hard and  harder to find and going faster once up on our web site. Be happy to  discuss it with you.


Canted Purlin 1
Canted Purlin 2
Canted Purlin 3
Canted Purlin 4
Canted Purlin 5
Canted Purlin 6
Canted Purlin 7
Canted Purlin 8
Canted Purlin 9
canted purlin new drawings 2
canted purlin new drawings 8.21
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