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Grand River Barn.

Grand River Barn

Grand River Barn 36' x 50', or with 12' original lean-to shed addition 48' x 50'

This a very nice large barn with heavy timbers (10"x12" +/- hand hewn posts and tie beams, high side walls for second floors (17')), purlin system for looks and engineering requirements and a very nice 3-bay layout for a balanced second floor lofts and cathedral areas.

If you need more space you can also include the 12' shed addition that gives the exterior a salt box look but adds lots of interior space with lower ceilings for perhaps a more cozy areas like kitchens, dinning rooms, baths or even master bedrooms. Lean-to could also just be built in one or two bays to give more interesting floor plan and exterior look.

If you would like to include a "Swing" beam into the plan, we have one that is long enough to span the 36' and add a special feature to an otherwise overall excellent timber frame barn. This frame would lend itself to a 2,400 plus sq. ft home with no lean-to addition to a 3500- 4000 sq. ft with the lean-to and still have massive open cathedral area in main barn. Add a few tasteful additions and get more sq. footage if needed. Very versatile barn for many applications and re-purposed uses.

4 Bents, 3 Bays

>> - Bays are 18’(incl. 2 posts), 14' (door opening), 18' (incl. 2 posts)

>> - 16' 4" high post, 8" rafter plate, 17' total side walls.

>> - 9”x10”plus rafter plate, one piece

>> 8"x8" purlin one piece

>> - 10”x12” ish posts, tie beams

>> - 8”x8” and 6”x8” squared girts

>> 3"x 6" rafters @ 3' centers

Predominantly hand hewn pine in excellent condition

>> -172" under gable ties

>> -132” under tie in middle 2 bents

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Grand River Barn
Grand River Barn
Grand River Barn
Grand River Barn
Grand River Barn
Grand River Barn
Grand River Barn

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