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      Ingersol 3 Barn

Ingersol 3 Barn  30’ x 50 ‘

Ingersol 3, (30 x 50), another excellent barn frame that comes from Ingersol, Ontario, where we get many of our superior barn frames from. This is a 30 x 50  swing beam barn that is a very heavily timbered barn frame:

With a 1/3 to 1/2  loft second floor, this barn frame would lend itself to a 2000 to 2250 sq. ft 2 to 4 bedroom home just by itself.  With adding  traditional shed addition to one side or end you could easily  gain  another 500 to 1000 sq.ft or more, and give the exterior a very  interesting saltbox look that many people seem to like. Shed additions are also very cost effective sq. footage  and give great flexibility  for creative floor plans and can help create a nice balanced look  between rustic and refined.


We can also add a queen posted purlin system as we frequently  do on  other barns.  The addition of a purlin system also helps with  engineering as it definitely helps the roof system work and is a very  stunning feature in the barn frame cathedral area. We are very good at  fabricating these out of the same kind of hand hewn timbers so that it  is very difficult to tell they were an add on when the barn is up and  complete. Many early barns were built without purlin systems  but with  today's engineering codes, particularly if it will be re-purposed for  some sort of residential use, they are a good adaptation feature to  include in the barn frame package.

The Ingersol 3 is stunning barn frame for the  core of a barn home  conversion or other re-purposed use. This is about as good as they come  really. With our 45 years experience working with barns and barn  home conversions, we can also help you with the design and  architectural plans. We specialize in barn home conversions and attempt to do so in the most cost effective manner possible while at the same  time maintaining the integrity of the barn frame  with your taste and  vision for your new home in mind.

For more information please feel free to write or call. You will talk with  me and I look forward to speaking with you and finding a new re-purposed home for this great barn.

Thanks, Dale  



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