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      K Barn

K Barn 30’ X 50’

The pictures of this barn speak for themselves! This is a very finely hewn early swing beam barn in pristine condition overall with a nice mix of very large and medium  hand hewn timbers that help give it a more  refined  and perhaps finished look than most hand hewn barns. As with  most of our 30’x 50’ barns, (a common size)  with the addition of a loft in 1/3 to 1/2  of the first floor space,  this would make a excellent  barn for the core of a 2000 to 2200 sq. ft home just by itself. If we  added a well placed traditional shed addition to one side of the barn,  or perhaps one end or both,  we could easily increase the floor space  to 3200 sq. ft and still have a very large cathedral ceiling great  room.  As you probably read in some of my other barn descriptions, I am a big fan of shed additions on these barns to increase the living space  in a most cost effective way and also add some interesting looks to the  overall barn  itself, both exteriorly and interiorly.  

The existing 17” swing beam and loft beam that support the floor joist of the loft are also a great  feature, that rarely is all in tack in these barns by the time we get them, and as you can see from the photos they  are an extremely handsome feature.  Hand hewn rafters are also rare  these days and another great plus to an otherwise splendid barn frame of the highest quality from my point of view. 

As with most barns, you will probably have to install a ridge beam system  to help your engineer feel better and support the roof but they are not a big ticket item all things considered and they also look great if done properly.  

All of the above assumes you are looking for a barn frame to re-purpose into a home. This barn would also be a good choice for other re-purposed uses as well, including just a barn. 

This is just a great barn frame by all accounts and they are getting harder and harder to find like this in such good condition. I do not expect  that it will last long once it hits our web site here,  so if you are  interested in this one, give me a call please, be happy to discuss it  with you.  Dale  315-286-4847


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