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      Kabassa Barn

Kabassa Barn 24’ x 60 ‘


This is a very  basic but complete and very sturdy heavily timbered barn frame that  would work great for may re-purposed uses such as core of barn home  conversion (in whole or parts) or just a smaller cost effective cabin or guest house, studio.  It would also be great for such uses as  garage/workshop first floor/apartment or guest quarters, art studio  etc.  on second floor.  With 17' high side wall height there is plenty  of head room to make both floors very livable and user friendly. It  would also be a great barn frame for  commercial use such as garden or  vegetable stand or flea market or even wedding venues.  Plenty of floor  space to spread out people.

This barn has an exceptionally nice site of 2nd floor joist.  (see photos on trailer)  They  are large log sleepers, hand  hewn flat on 2 sides,  24' long and still very straight from years of hay storage. They are white washed now (which protects them  from  bugs) but easily power washes off and they are very handsome beams to have as exposed floor joist from below. One of my favorites looks.


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