Antique Woods and Colonial Restorations

      Keene Barn

Keene Barn 22’ x 50 ‘

full size 8"x 9" hand hewn posts

8"x 8" and 8" x 10" tie beams.  The full size  8"x 10" tie beams really  give the frame some heft and character.  We also have a spare Swing beam we could install in this frame

3"x 5"

6 bents, 4 with double tie beams.

Lower tie beam at good height for 2nd floor joist for 8' fl. to fly ceiling  height and still give almost 6' for second floor loft.  If we add 12"  plinth blocks to bottom of posts, you could have 7' high side walls.  Both are plenty when you have cathedral ceiling in these areas.

This would make a great core barn for a barn home with some shed additions  or we could shorten it and use parts of it  for a smaller  addition to  an existing home.

Would also make a great "barn-barn" or implement shed or horse barn with loft above for hay.

Barn is in excellent condition and a very cost effective frame, both the frame itself and the erection costs.

This is another very stunning smaller  Canadian Barn Frame. 

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Keene barn 1
Keene barn 2
Keene barn 3
Keene barn 4
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