Antique Woods and Colonial Restorations

      Milton Barn

Milton Barn  36'x54' (1944 Sq. ft.) , 4 bay-( 12', 12', 12', and 18')

The Milton is just a stunning larger  barn frame for many different re-purposed  uses .  Put in a second floor loft in 1/3 to one half, or, put lofts in both  end bays (with a catwalk connecting them)  and gain another 1000 - 1200 sq. ft. of living space and  still have around 900 sq. ft. of  cathedral great room in center. This frame would very comfortably make a 3000 Sq. foot house just by itself.  If you can build it as  a bank  barn and have basement living space, or, put on say perhaps  a 15' x  54' shed addition on one side, you could easily grow  the sq. footage  of living space  up to between 4 to 5 thousand and  still have very  large  great room cathedral area in its center. This barn is also big  enough for an events barn like wedding venues and other gatherings. Very popular these days.  Many possibilities.

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