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Port Davidson Barn Frame.

Port Davidson Barn -- 30'x48'

Port Davidson swing beam  frame with very high side  walls (18' +/-) and all 10"x 12" hand hewn pine  posts and double tie  beams in  all bents but bent 4, the loft beam.  It has nice hefty 12"x  18"  Swing beam. It also has 4"to 5" x 7" +/- hand hewn rafters which  is very rare these days, maybe one in a 100 barns that we get. Another  feature that I personally like is that this barn has 4"x4" +/- studs  roughly every 3' OC, and almost all of them are there as you can see  from the photos  . Some can be  cut and boxed in for larger windows, or just removed if you think they are too busy in certain places.  It is  roughly 4- 12' bays and there are also two loft systems that are  available.  

This barn is in pristine condition.  From my point of view, it is a superior barn frame for home conversion purposes. With the existing lofts and  very high side walls, would make a great 2000- 2200  sq. ft +/- home  just by itself and still have a very large open great room. Add 1 or 2  well place traditional shed additions ( lean-to), which I am a fan of,  and you could easily get your sq. footage up to 3000 or 3500 sq. ft. Of  course you could also get much more sq. footage if you make this the  central room a much large complex, as some folks seem to be doing these  days. In any case,  it is just an excellent barn frame and another fine example of very early timber framing and the exceptional barns that  also come from our Canadian neighbor. 

Call for more details. In this active market today, I don’t think this one will last long.

Port Davidson 1
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Port Davidson side A