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      School House Rd Barn

School House Rd Barn 30’ X 39’

Superior small to medium size barn frame with exceptionally large timbers for  its size including a 20” swing beam. With 12” plinth blocks, which I  recommend, you could have roughly 8 to 9’  1st floor to 2nd floor height, and then roughly 7’ second floor height, plenty for  windows and comfortable loft or bedrooms/bath etc. or extra studio  space.

The swing beam has pockets already to receive floor joist if you chose to  use this for their support, as they did originally.  This barn would  lend itself to 1600 to 1800 sq. ft home just by itself. Plenty for 3  bed, 2 bath home and still have very large cathedral great room. Add a  traditional shed addition and you could easily expand sq. footage by  another 500 or 600 sq. ft and give the exterior and interior a much  more interesting look with many options for creative floor plans. Put a shed addition on both sides that looks great and get your square  footage up to 3000 sq. easily.  If you have read my web site, you know I am a big fan of shed additions both for attractive appeal and cost  effectiveness. This is a stunning barn frame for  a smaller barn home  conversion, or  the core for  a much large home with some well-placed   traditional shed additions. Of course it would be an excellent  stunning frame for other creative re-purposed uses as well.  Call to  discuss. Thanks  Dale


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