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Small Barn 24’x32’


Small Barn 24’x32’

Just in! A very nice smaller barn frame for cabin or workshop/studio or perhaps even the core or  addition to existing or new home. Enough side wall  height (13-x2” or 14’-2” with the addition of plinth blocks) for a second-floor loft(s) with windows. With just the barn frame itself you could put in second  floor loft in 2/3rds space and end up with 1,272 sq ft floor space which is plenty to develop into a 2-bedroom 1 - bath cozy smaller barn home, and still have a large (264 sq. ft) cathedral great room on one end bay.  An. 8/12 pitch roof helps give the barn more room on second floor and also gives the outside view more stature.

There is also enough height in the side walls of barn to also put 1 or 2 traditional shed addition(s) on one or both sides to increase the overall footprint to either 1,600 sq. ft or 1,900 sq. ft if you do one on each side. This  would be plenty of space to do a 3-bedroom, 2-bath home and still have  large cathedral great room area and space for other accessory rooms as well.

I am a big fan of shed additions on these barns as they are very cost-effective space, give you great flexibility for creative floor design. They also give the interior and exterior a more interesting and stunning look than simply a box barn, although they also have their historical charm. A traditional shed dormer on one or both sides of the roof would also make the 2nd floor rooms more spacious and also add another  great looking feature to the exterior and interior of the barn home.

Good barn frames are getting harder and harder to find these days and this is a very good smaller one.

All major timbers hand hewn and 8”x 8” to 8”x10” timbers are very nice  size for a barn this size. This barn would provide a very handsome and  economical frame for any creative re-purposed use where one wants to live with all the stunning flavor and charm that these great structures bring the table. Call Dale for more details

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