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    Stoney Creek 2 Barn

Stoney Creek 2 Barn

 The Stoney Creek 2 barn is a 30'x 52' very heavily timbered hand hewn   barn with a 14"x 22" swing beam as I mentioned, getting up there in the  extra-large size that we find them sometimes.  Here are some of the  general specs on this one. 

.Just a massive, extremely impressive beam. It is currently 88" (7'4")  from 1st. floor to underside of this beam which is adequate to pass  code. If we put the entire barn up on plinth blocks (which I would  recommend) you would have  8'4" under this beam and approx. 9' 4" to the underside of the 2nd floor loft  flooring. This would give you over 8'  wall in the second floor loft. 

~Rafters are  sawn 3"x 7" +/- tapering to 3"x 5" +/- at top @ 3' centers. Not  sure of pitch of roof yet but guess about 7/12 pitch.

~There are also very nice  original loft floor joist with this barn that is  rare.  They are log sleepers (hand hewn 2 sided logs)  in one bay  between Bent 3 and 4 and squared 8"x 8" and 8" x 10" hand hewn in bay  between bent 4 (loft beam) and bent 5, end of barn. There were very few adaptations and changes done to this barn over the years. One 10"x 12" very low tie beam (3' off floor) on bent 2  was moved up  to 80" to allow movement back and forth in the barn I suppose. Many  time they just cut them out.  Three posts in Bent  3, 4, and 5 were also cut off around the 3' to 4' mark for some reason and a concrete wall  was put there (see photos). We can repair these posts with like  material and a very nice scarf joint (that's what I would do if it were  mine) or we can replace the post with like material  so that it will be  very hard to tell they are replacements without looking into the  joinery. There are probably a few post bottoms to tune up and it looks  like a few minor pockets in the rafter plates which is pretty much  standard repairs need for barns this old. Otherwise the barn is in  excellent condition and is a superior  barn frame for home conversion or any re-purposed use.


The high side walls, very large timbers, existing loft and stunning swing  beam make this barn superior timber frame barn in  my opinion.  As good  and stunning as Re-purpossed barn frames come



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