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      Tractor Tool Shed Barn

Tractor/Tool Shed Barn 24’ X 36’

 This a great little smaller barn that could be used for many purposes  including smaller cabin or recreational home, art studio, guest house or even a stunning timber frame addition to a  larger home. It could also be used for just a smaller main home as so many people seem interested  in scaling down in size these days.Of course it could also be used for a tool shed and tractor barn. Lots of options. It is a unusually  heavy timbered frame for such a smaller frame and having a existing  second floor with handsome original log floor joist is also a big plus.  It is about as good as they come for a smaller frame.


We also drew optional  plans for a small 10’x 24 €shed addition on one  gable  end to gain a little more sq. ft on the footprint if you wanted. With this addition it would take you up to about 1100 sq. ft.  footprint. With second floor loft in half or more of the of structure  you could easily get this to around 1500 or 1600 sq. ft., plenty of room for a 2 or 3 bedroom home of modest size and still have a very large  great room of cathedral ceiling that really show the barn frame off and  is one of the stunning features that barn homes are all about.


 You could also add a shed addition to one or both sides to increase  the sq. footage even more. I am a big fan of using a smaller barn frame  as the core or your home and then putting on some well places  traditional shed additions to gain the additional space you need for  your floor plan to work.  It is a very economical way to do it and also  gives you some more interesting looks and balance as far as rustic and  finished goes.  Our website Small Barn Homes is all about that. You  can also put a couple of handsome shed dormers  on the roof to make the upstairs loft  area much more livable. 

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