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Waverly Barn.

Waverly Barn
Waverly Barn
Waverly Barn
Waverly Barn

Waverly Barn 30’ x 30’

Hand Hewn frame;

3-Bent, 2-bay barn;

16' ish side walls;

10"x 10" hand hewn hemlock posts and tie beams;

10"x 10" one piece rafter plates;

7"x7" hewn girts;

Rafters at 3" centers;

Pristine condition.

This smaller 30'x30' barn frame would make an excellent starting point for a smaller barn home conversion that would lend itself to approx. a 1500 sq. ft. home if used just by itself. With some traditional shed additions it could easily be adapted to accommodate a 3-bedroom, 2-bath home of approx. 2100 - 2400 sq. ft. of living space. This frame is almost identical to the frame we used in our Barn Home - The Lehmer Barn that we adapted to just such a 2100 +/- sq. ft. home.

For a relatively small barn frame it  has very large timbers (10"x10") and high side walls so that  it can accommodate a loft with side windows.  We  have a spare swing beam that could be incorporate  into the middle bent as we did with our frame also to give the frame an  exceptional additional  architectural element in the center of the great room.  This is also one of our most cost effective frames available that  would still make a stunning barn home for an affordable overall cost.

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Waverly Barn
Waverly Barn
Waverly Barn

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