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      Wyndham Barn

Wyndham Barn 22’x34’10”

Wonderful smaller hand hewn barn frame in excellent condition with high side  walls and perfect for a smaller barn home, recreational cabin, studio,  guest house or addition to main house. Smaller barn frames like this  have almost unlimited re-purposed uses and still bring in a surplus of  all the colonial character and charm that these classic timber frame  structures bring to the table. The quality of timbers and workmanship  and the aged appeal In these early structures (in this case 1882) is  hard to  match in new structures today.

Add one or two traditional shed additions and use the frame for the  core of your home and you could easily increase the sq. footage of  living space to 1500 sq. ft. with one shed addition or over 2000 sq. ft. with a shed addition on both sides. This would still allow for a  sizable loft in the main barn and a very expansive open cathedral great room in the main barn  area which is one of the trademarks and unique  features of these kind of barn home conversions. This barn has high  enough side walls to do all this comfortably and still have very people friendly windows in your second floor loft area.

Shed additions can also be done with conventional lumber with perhaps old  exposed barn rafters to help tie it into the main barn.  This helps save money and equally important I think it helps bring in a nice  balance  in the total home with rustic/finished. As much as I love  barn beams  and antique wood, (and I would be happy to sell them to you), I  personally think  too much of the same thing can get tiring and boring  as well as make the entire structure perhaps too dark, "heavy" and cave like. I encourage everyone these days to strive for a harmonious  balance. Barn Shui we call it!

Some of the other great feature s of this barn are the large 10"x 10" hand  hew posts, the double tie beams system and also double girts and lots of knee braces and even some studs to add interest and structural  strength.  If you are looking for a quality smaller frame, this is a  good one.  Call or write for more details



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